Uncle Scrooge And The Infinity Dime #1

uncle scrooge and the infinity dime #1
Uncle Scrooge and the Infinity Dime #1

Uncle Scrooge, the Infinity Dime is an upcoming one-shot Marvel Comics special starring Scrooge McDuck. This interdimensional adventure brings together the worlds of Marvel and Disney as Uncle Scrooge and a host of talented Disney comic book artists embark on a new adventure. The comic will mark Scrooge’s first time leading a Marvel comic book of his own.

The plot of the comic revolves around Uncle Scrooge’s fabled Money Bin, which gets stolen by a shocking culprit. The world’s toughest duck must undertake a quest unlike any other, alongside a surprising array of allies: other versions of himself! In this adventure, Uncle Scrooge will have to prevent a dark version of himself from wreaking havoc in the multiverse. The comic promises to be an ode to adventure and will be a treat for fans of both Marvel and Disney comics. read more