Top Three Ways to Cheer Yourself Up Using Funny Quotes

It's OK to feel sad and gloomy sometimes, for it was the sad moments of life that makes us realize our true potential. But it's not OK to feel gloomy for a too long period of time for it can literally suck our life. Read funny quotes when you find it to difficult to get out of blues. Here are Top five ways you can use funny quotations and cheer yourself up.

1. Read them out loud

Instead of reading them in your head silently, read them out loud. The more you read them out loud, the more quickly your sadness fades away and you feel happy and enlightened. Reading them loud moves your concentration from the reason making you sad to the funny words of funny quotations which in turn cheers you up almost instantly.

2. Hum them

Whenever I am down in the dumps, I hum some of my famous funny quotes. I feel great doing so. Weird as it may seem but it works for me, literally and so for you. Give it a try, you'll have great fun. Try this one, for instance:

"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes."

3. Make Cheer up Funny Quotes Book

I've started this funny quotations book couple of months ago. I update this book what I called Cheer up Book whenever I come across a new funny quote which I found worth jotting down. It has worked out really well in terms helping in chasing my blues away from the very day I created it. You can create one such for you. You can also add some funny pictures or smileys etc to make it more effective. And next time you feel down, grab this book and you'll feel much better for sure.

Source by Manish Kapoor

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