The Male G Spot and Prostate Massage – Experience and Tips

Recently I’ve heard guys asking questions about prostate massage and the male g_spot. It seems that More and more men are wondering What is it, how it’s done, will it hurt. So i decide to write an article about it from my own experiences.

I have to laugh. When I consider my first experience with prostate massage. It was quite unexpected but the reaction was more intense than I could have imagined. At the time I had no idea what had caused such an intense and mind-blowing reaction.

Shortly afterward I saw something similar in a Comedy. That was the first time that I learned about the prostate and its effectiveness as the male g-spot and in orgasm.

The g-spot or prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut that surrounds the urethra and is located just beneath your bladder. Its function, seems purely sexual as it provides up to 30% of the clear fluid in semen that protects the sperm from the acidity of the vagina and is surrounded by the muscles that contract during orgasm. Take a look at the space between your scrotum and anus the next time you ejaculate and you’ll them in action.

Because of its sensitivity and function, stimulation of this gland alone can cause orgasm and be assured a very very intense orgasm. If you’ve never experienced it you’ll want to, but read on first. The prostate can be massaged directly through the anus or indirectly by messaging the area between the anus and the scrotum. Learning how to do both provide the most pleasure.

I must say that since that initial experience I experimented from time to time with both good and bad results, Until I discovered the proper techniques. ( nothing permanent, but it cost me a day of work). Thats not funny . The key here is to defiantly know what you are doing. The g-spot orgasm when done correctly is by far the most intense. There are some great books and videos out there to help you explore your g-spot or visit my blog for even more info.

For most of us guys and ladies orgasm is best when shared with a partner, my most rewarding occasions have been. However a knowledge of self prostate massage is highly useful when you have no one with which to share, as is often the case. Now, when you do find a partner you’ll be able to teach your partner what techniques work and how to provide the most pleasure, intensity and control.

As before diagrams and videos are best for learning and training. Once you are familiar with the techniques you can give or receive great pleasure. The methods of pleasuring is not that unlike those for the female g-spot except for the obvious. So ladies you may already have an upper-hand or a lower hand LOL.

I view the quality and satisfaction of our sexual experience as being a product of the mind, so that our gratification comes from passion of the moment, our Love, and our relationship to one another etc..

Adding g-spot massage/orgasm to your already satisfying relationship is sure to make it more intense and exciting, especially when done mutually and guys maybe next time you have a female over you’ll be able to use the male g spot experience as incite to offering her even greater pleasure. Once you know the proper techniques for pleasuring yourself maybe you can give her what she needs too. LOL

One last note. Please guys talk to your doctor about when and how often to have your prostate checked. I know it may be a little embarrassing but it will help to keep you healthy.

To your fun and health

Banyan M

Source by Banyan M