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This website is completely free for you to use, but we do have the right to remove and refuse to publish some ads we do not deem to be appropriate.

You can post as many standard directory/classified type ads for FREE and your ad will stay listed for 180 days unless you would like to remove it sooner.  You can also add up to 6 images and change your ad or images at your convenience.

Notice some ads on this website are posted by the owners or administrators.  Many ads do lead to affiliate websites and we do receive a commission on some purchases you make.

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About Featured Ads:

Featured ads have the following advantages:

  1. Will be displayed with a “Featured” banner to draw more attention
  2. Will be displayed in their own section on the right
  3. Will be displayed ahead of other ads in the category listing

How to Set Up a Featured Ad:

Featured ads are a upgrade and you will be able to purchase the featured ad placement after you create the ad or your will be able to upgrade from within your user dashboard at any time.

Featured Ad Placement Prices

  • 3 Months of Featured Ad placement only $19.95
  • 6 Months of Featured Ad placement only $29.95
  • 12 Months of Featured Ad placement only $39.95


Please note: 

This upgrade is for one “Featured Ad Placement” only and not for a “display ad”.  Your ads will not renew automatically and this is for one ad only. 

Display ads are currently not available “automatically”.    If you would like to set up a display ad,  please contact us using the contact page.  Thanks!