Be Careful About Using Pay Pal to Purchase Online–Feb 21 2022

I have to rethink about using my paypal account to purchase things online.  I had something happen to me that really has surprised me.  I am a long time paypal account holder in good standing, probably 20+ years or more.

Well, I purchased something from Autozone online and I was in a hurry and so instead of getting my wallet and using my debit card I used my paypal account.

I went to Autozone the next morning to pick up the item I purchased and then I decided I wanted something better.  Autozone refunded my money online within just a day or so, but…

This is the part I am not happy about.  Autozone refunded the money 3 days ago but paypal is still holding my $106 in limbo.  It is not available for me to use and not part of my paypal balance.  But it hasn’t been returned to my bank account.

If you read the legal stuff it isn’t definitive.  Paypal can do as they choose.  But when it comes time for me to purchase something online, I am going to get up and get my debit card.

Just My Opinion