Bristol West Insurance Group “A Farmers Insurance Co.” and a “Coast National Insurance Company” Very Difficult Customer Service

I do not know if i would recommend Bristol West Insurance Company it is very, very difficult to get to talk to a person if you have a problem.  I paid my auto insurance and then I got a notice that they did not receive it even though I had done it online and had a confirmation number.

I have had to make several calls and still they are wanting to charge me $25 per month extra for not receiving my payment.

I just called and then “the computer” hung up on me.  Having to call back a 4th time now.  I would not recommend them as this has become a nightmare.  Do yourself a favor and find another company!

I have been calling 1-888-888-0080 and 1-888-395-2524

P.S.  Other names on this policy besides Bristol West and a Farmers Insurance Co for some reason are Coast National Insurance Co and Insurance Answer Center LLC a FX Insurance Agency LLC.

Note:  If you do have insurance with this company, please keep very, very detailed records.