Every Single Person Should be Prepared to Protect Themselves

self defense tool

It’s scary to see what’s happening to America, isn’t it?  Think about what you see on the news all the time now.  Every single day you hear reports of people just like you being attacked, beaten, raped and even killed…

Terrifyingly, it usually happens for the dumbest reasons; like someone getting assaulted for wearing a Donald Trump hat, or murdered for their expensive smartphone.

Worse yet is how this violence shows no sign of slowing down.

And while people of all ages are at risk… the older generation (those 45+) are the most likely to become victims.  For this reason every single person should be prepared to protect themselves.

In two seconds you’ll discover how this seemingly normal flashlight is proven to stop an attacker in his tracks… and make him SH*T his pants in the process.

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