Promotional Staffing – Key Qualities of Your Staff

To make the most of your promotional events it is essential that you hire the right people. People are the heart of any campaign; they represent your brand, products and identity so ultimately you need to choose carefully. But when you are carrying out promotional staffing activities, what are key attributes and qualities that your potential staff should possess?

Understandably any staff you plan to hire must be punctual. If you were hiring from an administrative position you would insist upon punctuality and promotional staffing is no different.

Your promo staff should have the intelligence to respond to issues during the day or to carry out promotional functions effectively. As an employer this intelligence allows you to focus on your objectives safe in the knowledge that you will not have to micromanage the project.

The last thing you want when you launch your promotional event ids for your staff to turn up and be unkempt and messy. Personal presentation skills and hygiene are fundamental to a successful campaign as staff are spending their days conversing directly with members of the public.

Similar to being presentable, when in a promotional staffing setting you should look for chatty people which are able to hold their own in an intelligent conversation. You should also be looking for a smattering of comedy and wit as personality is highly important to any promotional worker.

The belief that anyone can work promotional events is misinformed. You want to hire people which see their role as a serious part of their career progression. Those that hold their responsibilities in high regards and have a professional attitude in everything they do.

If your staff don’t possess the energy to promote your product effectively how do you expect them to get your message across to the public? Exceptional energy levels are vital when looking for you staff as this energy can be translated into enthusiasm for the product or service.

Ultimately being part of a promotional team requires extreme confidence as much of the work will include approaching strangers in order to converse with them. They may have to deal with being completely ignored so being able bounce back from rudeness should also be a consideration when you are staffing for your event.

The only way to ensure that your staff possess these qualities is to meet them in person and follow a programme of interviews and casting events that ensure you can get the precise people you are looking for.

Source by Horace Tait