Nintendo DS Games – The Superb 3D Graphics Games

In the world of video games, Nintendo DS games are popular because of their 3D graphics. There are many games that help the player by giving unparalleled entertainment and fun. One can choose his/her favourite games to indulge into gaming. The best source for exercising the mind is games.

An individual, who loves to play games, has a challenge towards him while getting into gaming. One has to achieve the targets. The cheap Nintendo DS games can be afforded by everybody. These games come with 3D animations that are helpful for giving complete entertainment to the players. The DS Games are played via gaming devices named Nintendo DS that comes with two ultra bright screens and wireless communication. Let us have an insight on some of the popular DS games.

Age of Empires: The Age of kings is a game that is developed by Backbone entertainment for the Nintendo gaming console. This game is based on the turn-based strategy. It is divided into five categories that include five or six missions. Joan of Arc, the first campaign, works as a tutorial and tells the gamers how to play the game. It commands over five different civilisations that are the Britons, Mongols, Saracens, Japanese and Franks. The game is a multi-player game that supports up to 4 players to battle each other without using any wires. A player can earn the points and unlock the maps and can improve the position of the Emperor. One can also shop in the bonus items game. There is also online help available at all times which provides help on different strategies.

The Disney club Penguin is the most popular game among the kids that comes with adventures of the Disney Club Penguin world. In this game, a player has to solve the mysteries and has to remain connected with friends. One can download the new missions and newsletters. By playing the game, an individual can earn coins by completing the missions and can transfer to the account wirelessly. The player can play mini games like Snowboarding and dance challenge also.

Another interesting game is the Sudoku Grid master, which is a brain teasing game. Nintendo DS Games is helpful for exercising the mind. The field is divided into 9 by 9 grid. In this game, the player has to tap a square on the Sudoku grid and enter a number on the right side of 1 to 9 keypad. If one is unable to write a number, he has to change the settings. For solving the puzzle quickly, a player plays in the square of 3 by 3. In the grid, a number will has to appear 9 times only. When a player completes the square, it highlights an orange. As soon as one completes the puzzle, one can get stars by solving the puzzles.

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