Malcolm X Bio Vs Malcolm X Movie

Malcolm X’s biography is different from Malcolm X’s movie. These differences lead to truth vs. fiction.

The truth is more people today have seen the movie rather than read the book and this has left too many people not really knowing the content that Malcolm wrote.

The content of Malcolm X’s book is so awesome that the movie cannot capture every moment. Time magazine called Malcolm X’s biography one of the most important books of the twentieth century.

Spike Lee does an excellent job of portraying Malcolm X’s life in film.

And Denzel Washington is superb as Malcolm X in the leading role.

However, in Malcolm X’s biography explanations are made how the Nation of Islam was able to remove people from drugs permanently that could be implemented even today.

How the Nation of Islam grew into a powerful organization and built temples in every city is only scantly mentioned in the movie while Malcolm X explains in greater detail in his biography.

Also, Malcolm X’ s mistakes such as dropping out of school, going to prison and his bout with drugs are real and in living color in his autobiography.

The ability to read and re-read how the Nation of Islam inspired men and women to study and become educated and stop pimping and prostituting is too valuable to miss.

Other questions that can be answered such as how Laura a girl Malcolm meets and befriends becomes a prostitute is also available in his autobiography that the movie doesn’t show.

Finally, the facts that lead to why Malcolm X really died cannot be covered totally in the span of Spike Lee’s movie, however if someone really wants to know the truth about his death and can dig deep into the biography the truth can be found.

This makes the Malcolm bio so much more valuable than the Malcolm X movie because you can read it and re-read it to really appreciate Malcolm X and his life.

Source by Derek Lavelle