How to Pick Up Women – Eastern European Women Secrets Exposed!

“How to pick up women”, especially eastern European women is a question many guys want to know. Most guys that are new to learning the secrets in how to pick up women quickly and easily struggle to find the right things to say or do. Most guys get bored of the same plain and boring girl and want to add a spice to their life, which is why they turn to techniques to pick up eastern European women. Here are some great tips in learning how to pick up women, most importantly eastern European women!

As you know, most guys see beautiful women every single day. The problem is, most guys do not know how to approach these women or speak to them. Eastern European women are the same as any ordinary girl. You can get a phone number of an eastern European girl the same way you can get a phone number of an ordinary girl. It is all about having confidence when approaching women. You also must use your body language, tone, gestures, and voice to your advantage. One of the first things you must do when learning how to pick up women is to be UNIQUE. You need to have your very own unique style when you approach women. Stand out from the crowd which means stand out from the last 20-30 guys that just approached her in the past few weeks! If you say the same things as the other guys said, you definitely will not pick up the woman of your dreams!

Another great method to use when learning how to pick up women is to use humor techniques. Eastern European women or women in general, love a man who can make them laugh. Laughing is a natural way in attracting any woman and if you are not funny you need to learn this ability as soon as possible! Being funny does not mean telling stupid jokes. It means being funny with subtle situations when carrying on conversations.

The last thing you need to know when picking up eastern European women is that you MUST, I repeat MUST be confident. Women love guys that are confident when they approach them. The guys that approach women that are all nervous around them will more than likely just be instantly rejected. Women have a 6th sense for in seeing nervousness in guys. Don’t think that women are any higher than you. You are no better than she is and you need to approach her and talk to her just like any other ordinary girl.

The tips in this article I just shared with you are one of the best ways to pick up European women and any women in general for that matter. I wish you the best of luck in landing your next dream girl. It takes time, practice, and is mainly all about using the right confidence techniques to your advantage. Whatever you do, please don’t give up!

Source by Jack R