Funny Dating Headlines – This Will Caress Your Brain and Feed You Some Laughs

Dating is a complex game having more twists than what a double-helical structure of a DNA normally patronizes. But a good dating headline can be your archangel in this trying sphere of activity. And if a headline is both good and funny, then it can leave a platinum aura around that profile. So, keep your bows ready to dart arrow straight to relevancy and limelight. Find below some headlines which could serve as a worthy vehicle to your dating dreams –

  1. I Can Eat My Own Brain and Loving It – Instead of a vermin eating your cerebrum out, it is you who do such honors here. I wonder what you think while eating your thinking-tool! Is the feeling pleasant or it's just the munching sound that you hear?
  1. No Trees Were Harmed in the Creation of this Headline – True! But, it sees, thousands of electrons were mildly inconvenienced! Another alternative to this headline is – No animals were harmed in the creation of this Headline .
  1. Big Enough Turkey to Make a Lifetime Dinner – Not as big as "Yo Mama", but sufficient enough to last you a lifetime in dinner or to make a Thanksgiving dinner for an entire community.
  1. Actually A crystal ball Predicted You – Nostradamus is dead. Octopus Paul kicked the bucket too. But crystal balls clock more miles. And, fortunately, I had gotten hold of one.
  1. It's you or there's always absence – This means, I will make sure egg and sperms are in the same zip-code or they would be tacit strangers.
  1. Are You Into Judging a Person By its Collar? Un-hobble yourself then! Do yourself the beau geste , the great favor, of judging people by the color of their under-pants instead.
  1. Want to Ride this Twelve-cylinder Heart? Yep, it does not go with the blessings of a fuel but moves by the accidental possession of you!
  1. You Are the Piece That Makes This Puzzle All Sense – That's not an invitation to play a game of puzzle but rather praise larded on the each and every breathing thing that passes by your profile.

So, even if you lack the creative sophistication of rustling a funny headlines out, or are frozen to a serious side of your heart, these headlines will get you ready with the rapidity of a two-minute noodle. Happily oblige and, for sure, failure will never come about and luck will remain in the "Joy-land"! All mates, ahoy!

Source by Gaurav Barot

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