Falling in Love – How a Guy Acts When He Falls in Love

You are falling in love with a guy and you really want him to feel the same way about you but you just don’t know how to weigh his feelings. How does a guy act when he falls in love?

He thinks you are interesting and funny. A guy who falls in love with you will be genuinely interested in you, your opinions and everything that pertains to you. He will find your conversations engaging and even funny. You and he will have great conversations that both of you enjoy immensely. He will ask the right questions and really take in what you say. You will realize his deep interest in you when he says something about a past conversation that you had and you realize he really listens to you and takes you seriously.

He paints himself in glowing terms. A guy who falls in love with you will also want you to love him back. He will thus tell you about his exploits or his positive deeds in an attempt to get you to see him positively. Just listen carefully to what your guy is telling you about him-self. Is he telling you only his success stories or about things that paint him as competent, funny and caring? Then he could be a guy who has fallen in love with you.

He is jealous and protective of you. A guy who falls in love with you will imagine that other men find you as alluring as he does and you will see his discomfort or even annoyance when he feels that another man is paying you too much attention. Because he loves you then his instinct will be to be protective towards you.

He tries to please you. Because he has fallen in love with you then he will desire that you are happy and comfortable. He will thus do or offer to do things to try and make you happy or comfortable. Depending on his personality he may even accompany you to ‘female dominated places’ like the hairdressers. Or he may just offer to do simple things for you or to run small errands. What he does depends on his personality and socialization and so you may in some cases not notice his efforts if you have specific expectations. Just observe him to see what he is doing or offering to do for you. Have the things he does or offers to do for you increased? Then he may have fallen in love with you.

He notices details about you A guy who falls in love with you will notice details such as the number of dresses you wear consistently or that you had a new hair cut/color or that you are wearing a new perfume. Because he is emotionally tuned to you then he will be attuned to any changes that occur in your life.

He wants to be around you. This is often the most obvious sign of a guy who has fallen in love with you as he just wants to be around the person who makes him feel so great. He will thus find ways to be around you as much as possible. He doesn’t necessarily abandon his friends but he does find excuses and ways to be around you.

A guy who falls in love with you will not necessarily show each of the signs given as it depends a lot on how he is wired but he will display at least 2 of the signs.

Source by Rosy Anderson