Could the Events in the 2012 Movie Really Happen?

Filming for 2012, the movie, has been completed and is now in post production. Created presumably because of growing interest in the predicted events of 2012 now that the date draws nearer, it is due to be released world wide around November 2009.

The movie portrays the idea that the government fails to or is unable to prepare the billions of people on Earth for the disaster that they know is to come. As the time draws closer it becomes apparent that there is nothing that can be done and the world’s leaders start announcing the end of the world.

The people in the movie experience disasters of many varieties. In it we see massive earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions and the ground splitting and huge fissures opening up. Could this be what we really face?

Well, these events could most certainly happen. We have seen such things happening throughout history and, in fact, they are common events as reported in the world’s media. But for them to happen on such a massive scale would require a massive driving force.

With 2012 also being the predicted time in which the next magnetic pole shift will occur then this is possible. The shift is thought to be possible in one of two ways-the pole shifting or the Earth’s crust shifting and hence leaving the poles in a different place relative to the crust.

If the tectonic plates were to shift in this way, the resultant stresses would be huge and be released in the form of earthquakes. Tsunamis and volcanic eruptions are often found in accompaniment to earthquakes.

There is also a predicted planetary alignment that will fall at that time. If that were to occur, altering the gravitational forces at play on the planet at the same time as a pole shift occurred, then is it not feasible that the result would be spectacular?

Whether or not 2012 really plays out as shown in the movie will only be known after the fact. However there is nothing to suggest that it is impossible and a great deal that stands in favor of these events.

Source by Maya Prodgers