April 13th 2022: Amazon Really Disappoints Shipping Problems

I order a lot of stuff using Amazon and I have a Amazon Prime account that will be going up in price significantly the first week of May.  But what I am writing about this morning is the surprise news I got from Amazon recently.

I ordered some Pedigree Turkey Bacon for my one of my dogs.  I was happy to see that Amazon had it and it looked to be local (Nashville) I assumed as it was coming next day.

Nope, it is coming actually from California to Tennessee and after several days, I still don’t know when it is coming in. No idea.  Am just left wondering when with a message on my Amazon account:

On the way, but running late

We’re very sorry your delivery is late. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Or I can click on a button that says I can contact the post office.  I thought Amazon was the one who had it in their warehouse.  They said they were delivering it the next day.  Now it is the Post Office’s problem and I should report it to them?

I used to like ordering from Amazon but I hope I don’t get too many more orders that are like this.  Hopefully, this is not a sign of what will be in the near future.  I can’t see that Amazon will succeed if they continue to do this baloney.

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2022 Wal-Mart website checkout wouldn’t let me edit (remove) items

In so many ways technology is fantastic but in so many ways it is a pain in the butt.  I just ordered a few items from Wal Mart on their website and so many websites seem to push you in a certain direction and it is okay if you really want to go that direction.  When ordering something it was like they pushed me in the direction of purchasing a couple items I did not want to purchase.

Could not edit it from my shopping cart and would not give me the option to remove the items.  Why are their web developers or whatever you want to call them designing stuff like this.  Pisses you off and makes you want to shop somewhere else.

I ended up buying 2 items that I did not want.  Thanks Wal-mart for the continued “poor service”.  I guess this just happens as a company gets larger.  But there will be another company come into play that will provide better service and we will be able to say “Bye Bye Walmart”.

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Bristol West Insurance Group “A Farmers Insurance Co.” and a “Coast National Insurance Company” Very Difficult Customer Service

I do not know if i would recommend Bristol West Insurance Company it is very, very difficult to get to talk to a person if you have a problem.  I paid my auto insurance and then I got a notice that they did not receive it even though I had done it online and had a confirmation number.

I have had to make several calls and still they are wanting to charge me $25 per month extra for not receiving my payment.

I just called and then “the computer” hung up on me.  Having to call back a 4th time now.  I would not recommend them as this has become a nightmare.  Do yourself a favor and find another company!

I have been calling 1-888-888-0080 and 1-888-395-2524

P.S.  Other names on this policy besides Bristol West and a Farmers Insurance Co for some reason are Coast National Insurance Co and Insurance Answer Center LLC a FX Insurance Agency LLC.

Note:  If you do have insurance with this company, please keep very, very detailed records.

Linux Would Be Popular “if”…

Have you tried to download linux and could not even understand which version, flavor or distribution to download?

Well, join the club, I am a long time computer user and I would LOVE to use something different other than Windows.  Windows always gets bloated.  You will buy a new computer with a Windows operating system and then after a few years it slows way down.

But, I just went to Distrowatch which is a website that distributes Linux versions, flavors, distributions or whatever you call them these days.

Anyways, I guess I will do what most people do.  I am just going to order a new windows computer.  I just don’t have the time to spend to figure out which Linux will do what and etc.


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How Long Before the US will be Invaded Like Ukraine?

Sometimes I hear things that really surprise me.  I have heard people say that the US should not help Ukraine and we should not get involved in things going on “over there”.

I do not know where these people are getting their news from as what will happen when we (the US) gets invaded someday?  Will the world just sit by and let it happen to us?

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3-1-2022 I hate Face Book

I just had one little thing to change and I can’t figure it out.  I hate facebook.  I wish I would never have signed up for it.

The only reason I did was to try to keep in touch with family.  I have worked on websites for 20+ years and facebook is not a friendly platform.

Someday something else will be popular.  Hope it is something better.

New Update on Pay Pal Refunded Monies from Autozone 2-21-2022

I hope I heard it incorrectly but I just called, trying to talk with a person didn’t happen.  But I was told by the recording that it could take as long as 30 days before my money was credited back to my account.

I really hope that does not happen.  Wow,  I hope that doesn’t mean that pay pal isn’t going to hold my money for 30 days before giving me back my refund that I received right away from Autozone.

I can’t afford to have this happen again.

Be Careful About Using Pay Pal to Purchase Online–Feb 21 2022

I have to rethink about using my paypal account to purchase things online.  I had something happen to me that really has surprised me.  I am a long time paypal account holder in good standing, probably 20+ years or more.

Well, I purchased something from Autozone online and I was in a hurry and so instead of getting my wallet and using my debit card I used my paypal account.

I went to Autozone the next morning to pick up the item I purchased and then I decided I wanted something better.  Autozone refunded my money online within just a day or so, but…

This is the part I am not happy about.  Autozone refunded the money 3 days ago but paypal is still holding my $106 in limbo.  It is not available for me to use and not part of my paypal balance.  But it hasn’t been returned to my bank account.

If you read the legal stuff it isn’t definitive.  Paypal can do as they choose.  But when it comes time for me to purchase something online, I am going to get up and get my debit card.

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