April 13th 2022: Amazon Really Disappoints Shipping Problems

I order a lot of stuff using Amazon and I have a Amazon Prime account that will be going up in price significantly the first week of May.  But what I am writing about this morning is the surprise news I got from Amazon recently.

I ordered some Pedigree Turkey Bacon for my one of my dogs.  I was happy to see that Amazon had it and it looked to be local (Nashville) I assumed as it was coming next day.

Nope, it is coming actually from California to Tennessee and after several days, I still don’t know when it is coming in. No idea.  Am just left wondering when with a message on my Amazon account:

On the way, but running late

We’re very sorry your delivery is late. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Or I can click on a button that says I can contact the post office.  I thought Amazon was the one who had it in their warehouse.  They said they were delivering it the next day.  Now it is the Post Office’s problem and I should report it to them?

I used to like ordering from Amazon but I hope I don’t get too many more orders that are like this.  Hopefully, this is not a sign of what will be in the near future.  I can’t see that Amazon will succeed if they continue to do this baloney.

Just My Opinion…


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