How To Become a Professional Poker Dealer

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You can make good money dealing poker, but only those dedicated to learning the fundamentals of poker dealing are the most successful & make the most money.

One of the first challenges we faced with the Atlanta Poker Club was that we needed really good dealers. A player doesn’t tolerate incompetent dealers and neither does the APC. But when we looked up the prices to send dealers to a land based poker dealing school our mouths hit the floor!

We were shocked by how expensive the poker dealing schools are! There was absolutely no way we could afford to attend a live poker dealing school with the cost of tuition, travel, hotel, food, etc.

We needed an inexpensive, yet thorough, dealer training solution and we needed it fast.

  • We scoured the internet, nothing…
  • We went to the bookstore, nothing…
  • We were done for… (or so we first thought)

So, we created the Dealer Training program from square one. It now allows aspiring poker dealers from around the world to learn how to deal poker fast and easy, from the comfort of their home.

Start Your Training Today


P.S.  This is a NO risk offer.  You have a full 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee!


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