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Great artists are always looking to other artists for ideas, while at the same time innovating from their own minds.

As I started to learn more and more about songwriting, I developed the ability to see what made successful songs work so well, while other songs didn’t. It became almost instantaneous when I listened to a new song.

Once I noticed I could see songs in this way, I realized I’d have to put these ideas into an online video course to be able to give other songwriters the ability to clearly see what can make their song work, while sparing them information that doesn’t work. Not to mention saving them time too.

Learn how to specifically draw inspiration and get ideas from other songs, and turn them into ideas that are completely your own.

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How to write creative but catchy melodies for your songs. You don’t have to be a naturally gifted melody writer in order to come up with great, memorable melodies. How to use the right combination of repetition and change to create catchy melodies.

How to avoid writing over complicated melodies that are hard to sing.

How to engage the five senses (plus 2 additional senses) as a way of painting a very visual picture with your words, which will pull your listeners into your story.

Start Writing Songs and Express Your True Feelings


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