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How To Switch Scales Instantly In The Middle Of A Solo Just Like The Guitar Masters, This and so many More Tricks and Techniques are Available to You Right Now!

Perhaps for the first time ever, the mystery of improvisation has been solved. I’ve decoded it for everyone to learn.

Many guitarists tell me that this video has given them a unique perspective that they’ve never seen before. You’ll be blown away at how easy you can become an “Improv God”.

Learn exactly when and how to use both horizontal and vertical patterns. Don’t be surprised when you’re flying from one end of the neck to the other without breaking a sweat.

Learn to create monster leads and climactic solos using the power of scale sequences. You’ll love this powerful but simple trick.

How to create new sound with the tapping technique, and I’m not talking about cheesy-sounding patterns. Let me show you how to add tapping to your licks and still sound natural, soulful, and in total control. You will be amazed.

You’ll dig the “bend and shake” method that Stevie Ray Vaughan loved to use so much. It makes your bends come to life and it electrifies the listeners

Real Guitar Control Is Deeper Than Sheer Technique. Give your songs a new dimension by incorporating four-note chords. This is one of the Beatles’ biggest secrets

Listen, you need this, if you want to get really, really good—really, really fast! There’s a lot of powerful breakthroughs that will really save you years of pain, trial and error. There’s lots of ways that are easy once you figure them out

It’s Time To Re-Ignite Your Passion For The Guitar And Have Fun With It.

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