Epson Printer Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks for 2022


Here are some tips and tricks to help you get your Epson printer printing again.

Don’t forget to check the following.  Sometimes something easy is the culprit.

  • Old ink cartridges or low ink level.
  • Ensure that the installed cartridges do not have any tape on it.
  • Check for clogged nozzles; you can print nozzle check patterns.
  • If you are using Windows and Mac, then you can select the “Skip Blank Page” option in your printer software.

For Windows

  • Go to your Windows settings and then head to the devices.
  • In the section, you can check for the “Printers and Scanners.”
  • Here click on the name of your printer and then to manage options.
  • After that, you need to click on the “Printing Preferences.”

For Mac

  • Open the Apple menu and click on the “System Preferences.”
  • Now you need to select the Print & Fax option then select your device.
  • After that, select the “Options and Supplies” and then to “Drivers.”
  • In the next window, you will see a list where you need to Set “Skip Blank Page” to On.
  • After completing the steps, click on the OK.

You just need to follow these simple steps to get rid of the Epson printer won’t print black issue.

Why Epson Printer won’t print?

This is one of the most frequently occurring issues with most of the printer users. The reasons to cause the issues are also very common. We have listed some of the reasons and their solutions to understand and fix why Epson printer won’t print black or any other color.

  • Check your printer connection; whether you are using wireless or USB cable, you need to check the stability.
  • You can also set your printer as default to avoid such problems. To make it default, go to the control panel of your system and then to device and printer, here you will get your printer’s name. Right-click on the name and select the “Set as default printer” option.
  • You can also update the printer driver; most of the time, drivers are the ones causing issues.
  • Another big reason is the spooler service. You should check this also to avoid printing issues.
  • Check for the queue of the printing jobs; if there are multiple printing jobs pending, then also you may face the issue. It is better that you clear all printing jobs.
  • The last thing is that you can check for hardware or software issues. Check for the debris and stuck the paper to resolve the issues.

These are some of the simple solutions for the Epson printer won’t print, and the Epson printer won’t print black. If you some other issues like how to fix Epson printer error 000033, then you follow our blogs to get all types of technical help.

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