A Couple Christening Party Games for Everyone

The Christening is an important event for the parents of a baby, though the child probably won’t remember it, but you’ll certainly remember whether or not you had any good Christening party games after the event. You’ll probably have a few kids and adults and some older people at the party so you’ll want a mixture of christening party games to choose from.

Push Along:

This is a fun Christening party game any guests can really get into, well everyone who is still limber enough to play. You can certainly encourage those not playing to cheer and root for their favorite Christening party game player. Those in the race must pretend to be babies and push a ping pong ball to the finish line with their nose.

Be sure to get enough ping pong balls for the Christening party games because everyone in the race will need to have one. Also set up a start line and a finish line with masking tape, string or a chalk line. It’s tough to stay on a straight course when playing push along so make sure you separate the players enough that they don’t run into each other.

Feeding Time:

This is a laugh riot to have at your Christening party games, but it may be more suitable for a Christening where a lot of adults are present. The women at the party will sit in chairs on the opposite side of the Christening party area. Give each woman a baby bottle filled with something to drink (you can use milk) and each woman should also have a bib she’s going to put on her ‘baby’.

Set the same number of men at the starting line of the Christening party games area. When the race begins, the men will run to the women and one man will get into each woman’s lap. The women should tie the bib on their ‘baby’ and then feed him from the bottle. The men can’t touch the bottles with their hands. When a team has finished their bottle, the woman removes the bib and they both run back to the starting line. The first pair to complete the Christening party game task is the winners.

When you get the guests at the Christening party games together it will be loads of fun for all. Take lots of pictures, especially during the second game because it’s a riot!

Source by Gail Leino