2022 Wal-Mart website checkout wouldn’t let me edit (remove) items

In so many ways technology is fantastic but in so many ways it is a pain in the butt.  I just ordered a few items from Wal Mart on their website and so many websites seem to push you in a certain direction and it is okay if you really want to go that direction.  When ordering something it was like they pushed me in the direction of purchasing a couple items I did not want to purchase.

Could not edit it from my shopping cart and would not give me the option to remove the items.  Why are their web developers or whatever you want to call them designing stuff like this.  Pisses you off and makes you want to shop somewhere else.

I ended up buying 2 items that I did not want.  Thanks Wal-mart for the continued “poor service”.  I guess this just happens as a company gets larger.  But there will be another company come into play that will provide better service and we will be able to say “Bye Bye Walmart”.

Just My Opinion

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